Thursday, October 30, 2008

99 balloons

I saw this video on Oprah and it really touched me. This is a tribute video made by a father to his son who died of a genetic condition. Yeah, it made me cry, but more importantly it made me think. I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy little boy and this video has encouraged me to appreciate every moment of his precious life. Every moment. I now value waking up in the middle of the night to feed him, changing his messy diapers, and rocking him when he is upset. All are opportunities for me to be with him and love him.

Parker is 4 weeks old today! He has grown so much...seriously. He is a little chub. I love him so much and I hope that he can feel that. Here are some pictures I've taken of him lately.
This is Parker at 2 weeks

Parker all bundled up for a walk in the stroller

Parker the Rockstar and his friend Cassidy (who is three months older than him)

Parker's first day at church

Parker and Matt at the ward Halloween party
Parker is "captain adorable"


Meredith and Jason McIlrath said...

Neither of you two probably even remember me, but I found your blog the other day. Your baby is absolutely adorable. It looks like you two are super happy together. Congratulations on everything.

baxtersrus said...

I can't believe it's been that long already, doesn't time fly? He's so cute! Looks like you guys are having fun with him!

Dizzler said...

That video was amazing! It makes me feel so blessed to have such a happy beautiful baby girl. I call her my little miracle because that is what she is! Cassidy I am so happy to be your mom.

Homer Hoodlums said...

Friend. Your baby is so cute!! Congrats! And thanks for the marathon idea... I might just take the challenge too!