Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St. George Adventures

Matt, Parker, and I went to St George from August 6-8 to have some awesome adventures. As many of you know, being in a car that long with a baby can be an adventure, so we drove in the evening when he would be sleeping. We are lucky enough to have Matt's sister, Sarah, and her husband, Eric living in St. George. They are kind enough to let us stay at their home and they planned an awesome weekend for us. Matt's whole family came down, so it was a ton of fun.

Friday, Matt, Jesse (Matt's brother), and I got ready early to go rock climbing at the Black Cliffs. It was pretty fun to climb on Basalt. I decided to be brave a lead a 5.9 and was surprised that I could redpoint it (climb without falling or resting). The hardest climb I could lead before I had Parker was a 5.9 and this was my first redpoint of that rating. I was super excited. At the beginning of the year I made a goal to lead a 5.10 (one grade harder than 5.9), but thought it would be impossible once the summer started. Now I'm working towards that goal and hopefully will be able to do it before it snows. Matt and Jesse climbed too. I just think my accomplishment was more interesting then anything they did;).
Matt leading a 5.10b

still leading the 10b

this is me redpointing the 5.9: Entropy

clipping in on Entropy (5.9)

the scary part: I'm starting to climb above the bolt

Friday afternoon Sarah and Eric took us on a beautiful, short little hike called Canaraville Falls. Canarville is just south of Cedar City. It took us up a small stream and into a slot canyon to some waterfalls. I was having fun taking pictures so I didn't notice Matt climbing up a rickety ladder with Parker on his back. I was mad. I was mostly worried about the climb down, but I know Matt has some mad climbing skills and would be able to safely transport
Parker down the ladder.

The next day Parker went boating for the first time. He didn't really care for it. He was content exploring the boat, but didn't even seem interested in the fact that we were surrounded by water. He did have some fun on the beach, crawling around in the sand. Matt and I went wakeboarding a little. I would like to try it some more some time.

It was such a fun weekend! Thank you Sarah and Eric for the good times!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's the Purpose?

I'm sure everybody asks the question at some point: "What's the purpose of life?" I ask it sometimes, too. I am LDS and I know all the Sunday School answers (get a body, have a family, show faith, live worthy), but I'm more concerned about application than anything else. I mean "get a body," check; "have a family," check; and the other concepts are so abstract.

I, like most people, try to fill my life up with good things and surround myself with good people. I get caught up in achieving good goals and work towards becoming an accomplished person. I try to keep my house clean and stay updated on Parker's scrapbook. I have even found a way to continue working part-time. But how important are these things anyway? They are all good, but are they important.

I think as members of the church, or I should say, members of the human race, we get caught up in these types of things and sometimes forget the all-important and obvious things we should be concerned about. Many LDS people can quote scriptures like there's no tomorrow, but (unfortunately) many have a hard time living the MOST important principle. Christ has taught us that the most important thing is love. Yeah, it's obvious, but it sometimes becomes a lost priority as it gets mixed up in the cares of the world.

I get so depressed when I see people being mean to each other, saying negative comments about each other, and just generally not caring about what happens to other people. We are all in this together and I can't think of a single reason to hate somebody or intentionally hurt them. Not that I'm without fault: I find myself gossiping or saying negative things, giving in to my own selfish pride. I hate that I'm not perfect in this one thing. If I could choose one thing to be perfect in, it would be love or something better than love. Charity. Christ's love.

I guess I'm getting all up on my soap box because I teach Young Women's in my ward and tonight some of the girls were talking bad about each other. I mean, come on. These are your sisters! They need your love. I realize though, that it is not just teenage girls who have this problem.

So I don't really know what I'm trying to say here. I'm just getting some thoughts out. I guess I want to say sorry to those of you who I haven't been completely there for you. I picture myself as this person who others can talk to or someone who drops off thank you letters and cookies, but I am not that person yet. I'm trying. I wish I could be that type of friend. I also want to say thank you to those of you who are that type of friend to me. I also want to say "I love you" to everyone who reads this blog. Not in a creepy sort of way, but sincerely I do. Maybe there are some random people who read this, but I doubt it. For the most part you are my friends and maybe we're not that close, but the truth is I wish we were closer and I care about you and wish the best for all of you.

I guess I'm in this place in my life where I appreciate more all the love I get, even if it is a simple smile or a phone call and I hope I can be that type of loving person too. This may sound cheesy (this whole post probably does), but I think that is the type of thing that Heavenly Father really cares about.