Monday, June 23, 2008

Black eye and $100

To finish the story I started in my last post, Matt and I went to the state treasurer office and found out we get $100! Whoo, hoo! Over two years ago, Matt and I taught swing dancing at an event for the University of Utah. They were going to mail us the one hundred dollar check for our services, but I guess they never got around to it. I received a phone call about 1 year ago from them asking for my new address and I gave it to them and eagerly waited for the never came. So, in conclusion, 29 months later we get our money.

I promised to post pictures of Matt after his accident. Well, this shows the black eye he developed about 5 days after the accident. Matt got a new mountain bike for Father's Day (he is spoiled!) and the first day he gets in wreck.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Money?

So my cousin called my mom who then called me to notify me of some free money. Apparently my cousin saw my name and address on a list of people who have unclaimed money or assets in the state treasury. I looked it up and I sure do. Of course they don't tell you how much until you actually go into the office with the correct forms and identifying documents. It is probably from some $50 bond I got from my grandma that I never actually got the cash for, but maybe it is from some distant long lost uncle who left me 100 thousand dollars in his will and they couldn't notify me so for some reason it went in the state treasury until now....or not. It probably is just $50, but hey that's a free $50!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hiking with the Girls

Last Saturday I was in charge of taking the Young Women of my ward on a 5 mile hike. Next year I don't think they will put me in charge...I chose a hike that was a little over 5 miles and beautiful: Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I guess it was a little steep too. I didn't really think much of it since, you know, it is hiking and is not supposed to be easy. Well, it was a little too hard for most of the girls. Three girls never made it to the top and the rest of them took 7 hours to finish it. There is no reason it should have taken 7 hours to do that hike unless you stop to rest every 15 minutes, which I guess they did.

I unfortunately didn't go all the way to the top because I had to take a couple of girls down, but (just to brag for a minute) I could have easily made it to the top in less than 7 hours and I am 6 months pregnant. Well, that was a little boost to my ego that even pregnant I am in better shape than most 13 year old girls.

Other than taking too long and the few that had to turn back, we had fun and it was beautiful!!

I should also note that I am married to the best man on Earth. Matt helped me out and came against his will even though he suffered a major mountain biking crash the day before (pictures to come). The girls loved him.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Big Belly

Well, I'm huge. At least it feels that way. I'm now 24 weeks pregnant and it is strange for me to think that there's a little person kicking around inside of me. A little boy to be exact.

The next question I usually get is "do you know what you are going to name him?" I have over 3 months until I have him, so I figure I'll wait until the last minute to figure out a name, since procrastination has worked well for me so far... Seriously though, how am I going to come up with a name for my little boy? Something that he will be called his whole life? Something that I will end up saying thousands of times in my lifetime? It is quite the daunting task. And anyone who knows me knows that I am indecisive. I can't even make up my mind about what I want for dinner, let alone the name of my child. That being said, I have started brainstorming. I do have a list that I'm slowing narrowing down. . .I think it is about down to 20 names.
By the way, I wear those pants it seems like everyday. Maternity clothes just don't seem to fit me very well and my other pants definitely don't fit me, but these pants are heaven. I wish I were wearing them now, but they do have to be washed every once in a while.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Photography by Ashley

I spent this weekend with my sister, Kara, while my parents, brother, and husband went on a biking trip. We thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with my new camera that Matt got me for my birthday.

Kara is quite the little model and I got to get used to my camera and its settings.