Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Best. Thing. Ever.

Parker started laughing a couple of weeks ago. Awesome! It's quite the challenge to get a little giggle out of him. These videos show him laughing, but thankfully they do not show what we are doing. Embarrassing! After a full-blown attempt at making him laugh, I get really tired. So far my dad can get him to laugh the most. I don't know why. The beard? Maybe.




The Oldroyd's said...

That is so cute! Cameron just started laughing a little bit about aweek ago. It is so cute. Brooklynn and my neice Katie get him to smile the most! Parker is so cute.

M said...

It was fun to see you guys the other day! Parker is adorable..& I'm sure he's even cuter when he's awake :)

Merry Christmas!

baxtersrus said...

I sure wish I could see what your guys were doing... the things we do for our kids! :)

Ashley Randall said...

Parker is such an adorable little boy!! Holy cow.