Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ella, My Love

My Darling Ella,

How is it possible to love someone so much who has only been in your life for 8 short months? But a mother's love is stronger than most conventional types of love.  A mother sacrifices her time, her sleep, her body, and sometimes even her sanity to nurture the infant in her life.  Serving someone with that much commitment almost always creates a bond stronger than can possibly be described with mere words.

When you were born, the nurse was gushing over how beautiful you were!  In hushed tones, she confided that you were, in fact, the cutest baby born that day.  The nurses curled your long, dark hair into a crazy-looking mohawk.  You were the perfect newborn.  Actually, you are pretty much a perfect baby.  Your Grandpa Budd once asked me if you ever cried because he had never heard you do so.  You were just so chill!  Tommy would pretty much topple you out of your little swing. I walked by to see you hanging upside down, head fallen to the floor.  Yet, you didn't cry.  You cry a lot more now because you know what you want, in particular, you want ME.  Sometimes you will put your face directly on my face, nose to nose, and then cuddle your entire being right up next to my heart.  A hug from a baby.  I really can't think of anything more beautiful.

More than I can say, I have enjoyed having you in my life.  You have brought me so much joy when I have needed.  I am amazed at each new thing you learn as you get older, but desperately want you to stay little.  You are perfect!

Thank you for blessing my life, my sweet little angel.


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