Sunday, January 13, 2008

Treasure Hunt

After watching National Treasure 2 (which we both give 2 thumbs up), Matt and I decided that we wanted to go on a treasure hunt. So we did. Matt looked online at to find some hidden "treasure" around the valley and we used our GPS to find it. First mission, a tiny green scroll. This one was only .2 miles away from our home. We drove and determined it was near the dumpster by an apartment complex. We parked but we a little embarrassed to go search the dumpster because members of our ward were walking around. We overcame our pride and found the scroll in a wood something. We added our name to the scroll. At that point, we realized how nerdy this really was, but we didn't care. We wanted more. Mission 2 was to find a pot somewhere in sandy. When we got close, we realized it was somewhere off the Jordan Parkway Trail. I spotted it in the willows with my owl-like eyesight. The rule is to leave an object in the cache and take one for the next cache (treasure) you find. I got away with a GI Joe and we left an egg of silly putty.

The dumpster in our ward boundries (the treasure is the the wood fence thingy behind it)

The scroll is barely visible in this shot. It is in the top left corner of the hole in the wood.

This shot shows (1) GPS (2) Scroll (3) opened keychain tube that held the scroll

Can you see the pot hidden in the picture? I could.

Me with me pot o gold!



Jared & Kelli said...

Bahaha! I really enjoyed this post. Man, I wanna go treasure hunting. We need a GPS thingy. Sounds like fun!!

Thorne Family said...

Wow, I didn't know people actually did stuff like that. You guys REALLY are adventurous! Though like you said, a little nerdy.
By the way, the bobble-head was from a website, I uploaded pictures of Jer and picked a body style. They made it and sent it. The pic on our blog is what they emailed me before they sent the actual 'doll' and is just the head. It's THE coolest present I think that I've ever given to anyone!

Brad. Lindsay. Logan. Jules. said...

Wow, I sure love reading your guys' blog. It's my favorite. I love how often you post. It's so fun to come on and see all the new things that are happening in your lives. Okay, yeah a little sarcasm. Post again. Save me from my misery of even bothering checking since there is never anything new!!! I miss you Ash and would love to learn about your life some more. Please post something new.