Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Matt and I usually dread the cold winter weather, but this year we've decided to make the best of it and get into a new sport: Snowboarding. We got each other snowboards for Christmas this year and put them to good use (even before we actually "opened" them on Christmas morning).

Last week Matt went snowboarding with his friend, Mike. He was waiting outside while Mike was inside using the restroom. Matt was keeping an eye on his board while he was waiting, but I guess he starting looking elsewhere for just a second and that's when the thief made his move. Yeah, that's right. Somebody stole Matt's board right in front of him! When he realized it was gone, he looked around but didn't see it anywhere. Matt was secretly hoping he would see the thief riding it so that he could push him over and beat him up. Think about it. If he is locked into his bindings, he would have no way of defending himself. He'd be like the little brother on "A Christmas Story" that falls down in the snow and can't get up. Anyway, that pretty much ruined his day. But we recently found out that his credit card insures stolen items and so we get a new board at no cost. But, if you see anyone with a Salomon Surface 160 with white Rome Arsenal Bindings let us know...or call the police.

Today we got back from the 3rd annual backpacking trip to the Budd Family Cabin. The first time I joined Matt's Family on this trip was before we were even dating. In fact, that trip was a defining moment in our relationship. The the next day we decided to hang out on New Year's Eve. By "hang out" I really mean "make out." So that was the beginning of our relationship. 5 months later were engaged and 3 months later we were married.


Jared & Kelli said...

Haha! I love it. I like the look of your new blog. I've never done any winter hiking. That would be fun.

Brad, Linds, Logan and Jules said...

Wow, I have looked at this blog, just clicked on it real quick, countless times to see if it looked any different. And hey now it does. Keep the posts coming Ash, it's great to hear about and see you guys. You are a very fun little family. Man send some of your funs to me.

Mark McHenry said...

hey, ms. Budd. you're a teacher, you can't be making out on new year's eve, even if you weren't a teacher when committing the crime. just kidding. I think its funny how taboo it is for a teacher to have a life outside school.