Monday, June 16, 2008

Hiking with the Girls

Last Saturday I was in charge of taking the Young Women of my ward on a 5 mile hike. Next year I don't think they will put me in charge...I chose a hike that was a little over 5 miles and beautiful: Lake Blanche in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I guess it was a little steep too. I didn't really think much of it since, you know, it is hiking and is not supposed to be easy. Well, it was a little too hard for most of the girls. Three girls never made it to the top and the rest of them took 7 hours to finish it. There is no reason it should have taken 7 hours to do that hike unless you stop to rest every 15 minutes, which I guess they did.

I unfortunately didn't go all the way to the top because I had to take a couple of girls down, but (just to brag for a minute) I could have easily made it to the top in less than 7 hours and I am 6 months pregnant. Well, that was a little boost to my ego that even pregnant I am in better shape than most 13 year old girls.

Other than taking too long and the few that had to turn back, we had fun and it was beautiful!!

I should also note that I am married to the best man on Earth. Matt helped me out and came against his will even though he suffered a major mountain biking crash the day before (pictures to come). The girls loved him.

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