Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Money?

So my cousin called my mom who then called me to notify me of some free money. Apparently my cousin saw my name and address on a list of people who have unclaimed money or assets in the state treasury. I looked it up and I sure do. Of course they don't tell you how much until you actually go into the office with the correct forms and identifying documents. It is probably from some $50 bond I got from my grandma that I never actually got the cash for, but maybe it is from some distant long lost uncle who left me 100 thousand dollars in his will and they couldn't notify me so for some reason it went in the state treasury until now....or not. It probably is just $50, but hey that's a free $50!

1 comment:

Graham & Heather said...

That is awesome!! A little money is better than no money right? So I totally love the top picture of your blog. How are you guys by the way? I hope well! Take care!