Monday, September 29, 2008

My Brother Should Be Famous

My brother Cameron is 16 years old and a musical genius. Seriously. I remember he would never practice the piano and was thinking about quitting which I was sad about. This was when I was a senior at college. Then I got a phone call from my mom and she mentioned that Cameron was writing a song and he was really proud of it. I thought, "How cute!" I eventually made it home to hear this song and it literally put tears in my eyes. It was not a dinky little song like I thought it would was amazing.

Since that moment Cameron has written dozens of songs and arranged many more. He has what is called perfect pitch which means he knows every tone without comparing it to another. For example, he could tell you that your refrigerator hums a B flat. The music literally moves from his head to his fingers. He doesn't have to think to hard what notes he is playing. His fingers just move. Watching him compose music is really amazing.

Well, Matt and I helped Cameron add a couple of videos to Youtube to help him get famous and share his gift with the world. I think you will be impressed. If you are into the whole youtube thing please subscribe to him, rate his videos, and add comments (I've included the links to youtube). Watch for more to come as well.

This is a Cameron Webb original: Sailing off the Earth

This is a Cameron Webb arrangement: Viva la Vida-Coldplay


Laura Jett said...

Holy crap!! He's 16?!? DANG! He is WAY good!! ... I keep checking your blog every day to see if you've had your baby... no luck so far, ay? :) Keep us updated!! ;)

Kelli said...

I LOVE it!!! I'm a big fan already!