Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parker Update

Still the cutest boy in the whole world
with the biggest cheeks in the whole world

I am always so amazed at how fast babies grow! It seems like just yesterday I was cradling little Parker in my arms at the hospital. Now, he will jump up and down in my lap whenever I hold him. It's quite a workout. He is over 5 months old and learning new things every single day.
Parker in his jumperoo
the reason he tries to jump in my lap when I'm holding him at church
at least I can fit in an arm workout somewhere

Today I gave Parker his first haircut. It looks ok...from a distance. Next time I think I might leave the hair cutting to the professionals.

Parker has started solids and loves them. He opens his mouth so wide and gets mad if he doesn't get a spoonful of food fast enough. He loves his veggies...except peas, but who likes peas anyway. I was gagging the first time I was feeding them to him. Smelly, smelly peas. Yuck! But, like a good son, he ate most of them.

One day Parker was curious about my cup of water, so I showed him what it was. Now he loves drinking water from a cup. He gets more excited about it than about his toys. He does a pretty good job. About half the water makes it in his mouth, the other half, on his shirt.
I love his big blue eyes

When Parker turned 4 months he rolled over from tummy to back. I was so excited. He did it three times in a row. I went to get the video camera and then he never did it again. Never. Even to this day, more than a month later, he won't roll tummy to back. On a positive note, Parker did learn to roll back to tummy a couple of weeks ago and he does it everyday. He gets mad when he is stuck on him tummy. I try to remind him how to roll the other way, but he just won't listen. Stubborn little guy.

Parker can also sit up pretty well. I just put a pillow behind him for those inevitable falls backwards.

He also loves music. We are teaching him to bang on the piano and strum the guitar. Come to think of it, these lessons might backfire on us someday. I'll start thinking of places to hide the guitar now.

he just looks funny in this one


Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

I cannot believe how fast Parker is growing! I love his chubby cheeks :) Our house is in Taylorsville. About 4000 West and 5600 South. We are painting a few rooms this week and next and will move in on the 21st. At least I have that to keep me occupied until the baby comes. Also my sister Amy comes home from her mission on April 2nd, so that is helping too. I just hope it's a healthy baby :)

jfarnsworth said...

Ashley he is getting so much cuter every day! I love his cheeks, they are bigger than Alix's! Let's get together again soon! That was so much fun!

Kakes said...

He's so cute. In some pictures I think he looks so much like you, then I like he looks so much like Matt. He really is just the pefect mix of you two. That last picture is a hoot.