Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swing Dancing

Matt and I used to dance...all...the...time! We started in High School and ran the RHS swing club. We performed at assemblies and other events. I went to college and was on the USU Swing Team where I had the opportunity to perform and teach often. Matt and I have even been paid to teach other people how to dance. At our wedding, we even pleased the crowd with a few dances...and then we stopped dancing. Figures. I would love to go dancing more often, but Matt wasn't as enthusiastic.

Dancing at Matt's House

Then, something changed. Matt and I went to the Harlem Nights dance in Cache Valley a week or so ago and we had so much fun. We forgot how much we enjoyed dancing. We also forgot that we were actually pretty good at it. So this renewed a desire to dance. Since then we have been trying new things in our kitchen and watching youtube for some new ideas. I love it.

Riverton High School Talent Show 2001

High School Performance 2002 for Half Time

Harlem Nights 2003: Hyrum, UT

Swingtime Swingsical 2004ish

The girls of the USU swing team 2004ish

the week after Matt got home from his mission
Sweaty after some intense dancing at BYU 2005

Dancing at BYU 2005

Swing Dancing during traffic jam 2006

dancing at our reception 2006

dancing at our reception 2006 doing the potato sack

dancing at our reception 2006 doing the May Pole

dancing at our reception 2006
my grandparent's backyard in Bluffdale


baxtersrus said...

I LOVE that you guys dance together. Chad's anti-dancing, so I've accepted that we don't dance together, but how fun for the two of you and for your kids to see. PS: I love your wedding dress!!

Jer and Jules said...

I miss dancing so much! I stopped Junior year of H.S. and Jer thinks it's dumb, so I haven't since. I so want to though!
You guys were so good, you definitely need to do more dancing!

Kina and Chad Anderson said...

Hey, Ashley I absolutely love reading your blogs! I just started this blogging stuff, so hopefully mine will be as cute as yours someday. Keep it up. I read you entire Health Advisor blog - good stuff in there. You should do a section on nutrition during pregnancy - really struggling with that! I'm really glad to know you're doing photography too - I could have used you! Well, I'll be visiting your blog later I'm sure for more good ideas. Later, Kina.

Amberae said...

Hi Ashley, i can't remember if we've ever met before... but i hear so much about you i feel like i've known you for a long time now. haha.

if you want to email me we can chat diapers!


this way i'm not using up your blog space with all kinds of poo stories. haha!!!

ps. i wish i could dance like that!

Kakes said...

Wahoo! I am so glad you posted this!! I requested this months ago. :) You two are so talented. I don't know how you are so in tune with each other and you know exactly when to skip, etc. Seriously, you two are mind blowing.