Monday, May 18, 2009

Just a little bragging

I have fallen in love with running 5ks. I started running 5ks while training for a marathon this fall. My marathon training isn't going so well (I'm behind on my mileage) but I'm doing awesome at my 5ks. At least I think so.

I remember how difficult it was to run 10 minutes a couple of months after I had Parker. And I am using the term "run" quite liberally here. I was moving at a sluggish 12 or 13 minute/mile. But as with anything, improvement comes after hard work. My first 5k (3.12 miles) was in St. George in January. My goal was to run it under 33 minutes. I killed myself running it in 29:02. Seriously, I pushed myself so hard that I times I started to think that I wasn't going to make it.

My next 5k was the "Budd Family Race" in April and I ran it in 28:33. Not only did I run it faster, but I was not dead tired afterward. I think I could have pushed myself harder.

Next, I ran the "Race for the Cure" on May 9th in 25:51. That was an 8:30/mile average. I felt good about that time.

I'm telling you this, not to brag...actually it kinda is to brag. I'm really proud of myself and how far I have come in the 7 months after Parker was born. I was sooo out of shape at first, but now I'm feeling confident that I can achieve anything.


Kakes said...

That is SO impressive! Seriously, the fastest I ever ran a 5k was about 29 minutes and that was SO tough. I hope one day I can be as healthy as you.

baxtersrus said...

That's awesome! Keep it up. You look really skinny and so pretty!

Jer and Jules said...

Wow, go you! I hate running and can't even imagine doing what you've done! Congrats on getting faster and stronger and more confident!

Niki said...

You are amazing! I can't believe you. If I ran a 5K I would wind up dead on the road, and there you are in that picture looking like you are ready to start not finish! WOW! I think you should use this as a Personal Progress Project and re-earn your medallion!

jfarnsworth said...

Good work Ash! I keep thinking if I start running again maybe I can get back into it like I used to but I just don't know! I will definitely have to follow your good example. You can be my inspiration! I am proud of you!