Monday, June 8, 2009

Keeping It Balanced

I can make a goal and work towards accomplishing it. I'm actually pretty good at it. The problem is that while I'm working on one goal I tend to forget everything else. It is hard to stay balanced. I'm sure this isn't a unique problem. With so much going on in our modern-day lives, it is a challenge to keep it balanced on a daily basis.

So right now I've been really working on my health and have been proud of what I've accomplished (see last post), but now I'm realizing all the other things I've been getting behind in. I haven't worked on photography for forever. I haven't been reading much. I haven't been playing the piano or guitar. I haven't been consistant teaching Parker sign language like I've wanted to. I won't even get started on the state of cleanliness (or the lack thereof) of my house.

I'm not really complaining, it is more of an observation. The better I'm doing in one aspect of my life, the worse I do at all the other aspects. How do you guys stay balanced? Is there some trick that I'm missing?

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Niki said...

I guess it is a human weakness...we can only think of one thing at a time. I think you have A LOT to be proud of though! Ironic, my word verification is sorness, speaking of health. LOL