Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip

Matt, Parker, and I went to the Grand Canyon with my family from June 22-26th. It was so much fun! This was Parker's very first camping trip and he did pretty well. It was cold at night, so he would wake up all angry, but he was happy when we were hiking around and loved looking at all the new sights.

The first day we spent mostly driving. Seven hours. Parker was pretty good, amazingly. We then went on a small 1 mile hike to Bright Angel Point at sunset.
The next day we went on a 10 mile hike on the Widforss Trail. Matt was tough and carried Parker in the backpack most of the way. My brother Cameron helped out on the last couple of miles. Parker was amazing, again. He loves the backpack. It was a little challenging because I was still nursing him, so I had to stop and lean against a tree to feed him while trying my hardest NOT to notice the bugs crawling on me. Toward the end, he fell asleep. This hike had some beautiful view points.
On the drive back from the hike, we noticed some nice boulders so we came back to the area for some rock climbing. Parker just hung out while we made up our own boulder problems.

The next day everyone went mountain biking except for Kara, Parker, and I. It was nice to take a nap with Parker. I tried to go running on some trail I found, but quickly discovered that running hills (or more acurately, mountains) are hard. Too hard, in fact. I came back and Kara taught me how to play some card games.
The next day we drove along the rim and hiked many trails. I took my share of carrying Parker around. Well, a very small share. We did this really lame hike that didn't go anywhere and the trail was overgrown with thorny bushes and there was little shade because most of the trees had burned down. What a waste of 4 miles. Oh well, the rest of the hikes that day were much better.
The last day we broke down camp and then the group (except Parker and I) went on a bike ride. They loved it. I went on a little hike with Parker and then spent the rest of the time reading a book. Then we went home.

Quite the adventure!

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casey said...

Ha you missed out! Just another 300 yards was one of the best viewpoints on the whole trip!