Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Smartest Baby in the WORLD

Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but in my defense, he is pretty darn smart. The other day he used a spoon. I didn't even teach him how to do it. He stole the spoon out of my hand, dipped it in applesauce and then put it in his mouth (and a little on his face). I couldn't believe it, but as to assure me that he really did know what he was doing, he did it again and again. All in all, I think he took a good 5 bites on his own. I even had time to tell Matt to go get the camera. So here is one of his attempts (a little messy, but hey, he is only 9 months old). Sorry about the lack of sound. I had a problem converting the files, but if you must know, the audio went something like this, "ok, dip it in the apple sauce. Good job! You are so smart. Ok, you have some. Now put it in your mouth. You are doing so well. Oh, close enough."

It is amazing what babies learn just from watching their parents. Parker also puts cell phones up to his ear. Actually he puts anything that resembles a cell phone up to his ear: TV remote, Baby monitor, camera. It always amazes me how much kids understand. They are constantly learning.

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Kakes said...

I am truly impressed. Especially because he didn't try to use the wrong end, or stick his food in his eye. Smart kid indeed.