Thursday, November 5, 2009


I love halloween. It's just fun. We had a family "Toy Story" theme this year. Matt was woody, I was Bo Peep, and Parker was Buzz Lightyear.

I don't sew very often, but this year I sewed my entire costume including the hat. It was so hard. Sewing is not as easy as it seems. Fortunately, my mother in law is like a genius at sewing so we altered a pattern from some size 16 '80's prom dress pattern.

What a cute family!

As a side note, Grandma Budd gave Parker a peanut butter sandwich on Halloween. Next thing I know, half his face has swollen up. You can kinda see the puffy eye in this picture. So, off to the doctor again to check for allergies. Poor kid. Earlier in the week he swallowed my wedding ring (story to come) and now this.


Sheralee said...

Wow!! I am so impressed that you sewed that dress!!! I have taken a couple of sewing classes and I struggle with both the sewing and the patience it takes. Especially since you altered it to a much smaller size. You are so talented at so many things! The whole Halloween ensemble is really cute! Good idea. :) Your family is so cute and about as perfect as a family can get I think! I hope my future family comes close to being so good!

baxtersrus said...

Wow! Those are impressive costumes. I love the theme, so fun.

jfarnsworth said...

Oh boy Ash, you have had a rough week haven't you! I would love to get our kids together, now that they are moving around and playing more, I think they'd definitely have more fun than last time we hung out! We'll chat soon and set up a day we can come play!

Kakes said...

I love themed costumes too! We didn't really have costumes this year, but years past and those to come are totally themed.

Nice sewing skills!