Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Must Read

Please read this article about Stephanie Nielson who survived a plane crash. She is so inspirational. I first learned about her by reading her blog.

She inspires me to focus on my most important role in this life, which is motherhood. I have a tendency to try to be everything to everybody. I also hate mediocrity, so I try to be the best at everything, which I've learned from experience, is impossible. The more things I try to do, the more mediocre I become at all of them. "Jack of all trades, but master of none."

When I read her blog, I don't care about anything else except for my role as a mother and a wife. When everything is said and done, it doesn't matter how many cool things I have done. When I leave this life, all I will have with my on the other side is my family. So I better do good job of taking care of my family. I love my son and husband so much. They are everything to me.


Laura Jett said...

Dang... I haven't even read that blog yet, but from what you've said alone!!... I know exactly what you mean! especially the jack of all trades, master to none... I have felt like that for FOREVER and wished I had ONE thing that I was REALLY good at!! ... DUH!! THAT IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE! Being a mother should be-and is now- my number one goal to be fantastic at! Thank you so much for sharing!! I seriously have such a different attitude about things now! lol. How rediculous that might sound... Anyway, THANK YOU!!! :D

The Oldroyd's said...

I love Stephanie's blog. I have been reading it for a few months now and it is very inspiring. She isn't afraid to be herself and will admit her faults and makes me want to be a better person. I always need a dose of the nienie dialogues.