Wednesday, December 30, 2009

50 special moments in 2009

  1. Running my first 5K and almost dying in the process
  2. Parker being pretty much the chubbiest baby I've ever seen
  3. Parker learning to crawl
  4. Successfully implementing cloth diapers
  5. Lots and lots of running
  6. Still not having all our doors properly installed in our home (we've lived here 3 years)
  7. Going to the zoo with Parker. He didn't care too much, but I had fun.
  8. Matt losing 36 lbs in 13 weeks and winning the title of biggest loser
  9. "Vacationing" at the Grand Canyon and by vacationing I mean "boot camp"
  10. Sharing a pork salad at cafe rio. . . a lot (did you know they give you a free "kid's quesadilla?)
  11. Still being just as in love as the day we got married (actually, more in love)
  12. Taking Parker up in the mountain often, and exposing him to climbing early
  13. Did I mention I ran a lot?
  14. Taking Parker swimming for the first time. He didn't like it at first.
  15. Running my first half marathon in 2:05 at Bear Lake and NOT almost dying from it. Best Race Ever.
  16. Matt redpointing his first 5.12
  17. Going to the Temple almost but not quite once a month (maybe more like every 2 months)
  18. Even more rock climbing
  19. Piano students stealing Matt's ipod...and my favorite piano book. grrrr
  20. Hanging with Matt's family in St. George
  21. Redpointing a 5.9
  22. Parker pointing at everything. Literally everything.
  23. Doing a little photography on the side
  24. Matt's promotion to Senior Accountant even though he doesn't have his degree yet (coming this May!)
  25. Singing a song I wrote to the Young Women while playing the guitar. Scary.
  26. Climbing with my best friend to the top of the Grand Teton and almost dying in the process
  27. Reaching the car after we finished the Grand Teton
  28. Attempting to "go organic"... ok, it's a small attempt, but I'm still working on it
  29. Accepting a new job to teach the science fair class at AMES
  30. Wishing I hadn't accepted a new job to teach the science fair class at AMES (even though I like it... most of the time)
  31. Getting the biggest kisses from my little boy
  32. Crossing the finish line at the top of Utah Marathon and almost dying in the process
  33. Parker learning to walk (0r wobble. However you want to look at it.)
  34. Parker turning 1 and having his first birthday party with family and friends (what a popular little guy)
  35. Sewing my Halloween costume and having the cutest Toy Story family ever
  36. Being called as the Young Women President just when I thought my life was busy enough
  37. Matt being called, the very next week, to be the Executive Secretary even though his life is busier than mine
  38. Parker swallowing my wedding ring
  39. The very next week, Parker swells up like a balloon because of a peanut allergy
  40. Matt learning and implementing the concept of "barefoot running"
  41. Dancing in the kitchen with the cutest kid I know
  42. Giving up on cooking dinner for practically the whole month of december
  43. Parker learning to talk "ba ba ba ba..."
  44. Matt achieving "Employee of the Year" for the accounting department
  45. Parker's fear of action figures
  46. Having the opportunity to participate in the "Sub for Santa" for our ward and feeling the gratitude of others
  47. Matt's first bouldering competition and taking 5th in his division
  48. Giving Parker tons of gifts for Christmas and him loving the cheap "hit the ball with a hammer" one I got from walmart for, like, 10 bucks
  49. Watching Movies in "The New Room"
  50. Continuing to live "happily ever after" one day at a time


Sheralee said...

I'm so glad you didn't die in any of the processes! :) You are so amazing with all of your goals and accomplishments! It inspires me to set goals and run almost once a week haha.

Christy said...

How did I not know you ran the TOU?! That's awesome!! 4:47 is still a great time! My half PR is 2:05, too....we really are the same kind of runner...

When I get back to Utah next year we WILL run a marathon together and beat our time!

Kateka said...

Hey btw, I never replied to your idea of this, but I think have a book club blog would be stupendous! I love the idea so so so much. Have you thought of starting one up?